In memory of Mr.


Born around 1926 in Foreke-Dschang

Died on 23.07.2001 in Dschang


Short Biography

Mr. Alegue married on the 30th. of march 1964. He had 8 children. 5 boys and 3 girls. One boy Barthelemew Alegue died on
19 September 1999. He started school in 1941 in Dschang and later on moved to Buea in 1944 and continued in English. He had to struggle for himself inorder to finance his education. A wide range of tasks e.g. (Buying and selling Mbanga) In 1952 he passed the entrance examination into the Nigerian Police School in Ikeja, Lagos.

He started work in 1953. In 1968 he passed the Police Officer examination and was promoted Police Officer the same year. He worked as Head of Security at the Vice Presidency of Cameroon from 1968 - 1971. He worked as Commissioner of Police in Kumbo, Bamenda, Nkambe, Mamfe, Bafoussam and Mbouda
and went on retirement in 1987.

He obtained 5 medals during his professional career. He joined politics (SDF party) while on retirement. He was the Divisional Coordinator and Municipal Adviser of the Dschang Rural Council and was the SDF Assistant Parliamentarian of the Cameroon National Assembly.




A few words from . . .

...ta chère épouse
Julienne Alegue:

Mon mari était tout pour moi. Il était pour moi un mari, un père, un ami, un conseiller, bref tout pour moi, Il me manque beaucoup. Je manque des mots pour m'exprimer. Le vide qu'il a crée personne ne peut le remplir. Qu'il se repose auprès de Dieu tout puissant et qu'il pense à sa famille, ses enfants, et à sa femme cherie qu'il
a laissé. Prepare une bonne place pour moi et j'espère qu'on se verra au dernier jour.

...your Daughter
Marie-Solange Alegue:

My Dear father,
You know I loved you very much. This page in the Internet will make me think of you all the time since I am far from Dschang. Here is an online semetery. Visiting you here is equally as I had visited you in Dschang. I miss you very much. If God could make miracles....



...ton fils
Jean-Duclos Alegue:

Papa je prie beaucoup pour toi auprès de Dieu pour qu'il te pardonne si jamais tu avais fait des erreurs comme être humain et qu'il te garde bien pour que tu prepares une bonne place pour nous autres.
...ta fille
Euphrasia Alegue:

Papa tu me manquerais toujours jusqu'au dernier jour de ma vie. Je prie tous les jours pour que le seigneur garde ton âme en paix et pour que ton esprit puisse nous guider dans la vie. Papa je t'aime.


...ta fille
Martha Alegue:

Papa tu nous manques beaucoup. On prierai toujours pour toi.
...ton fils
Eric Alegue:

Papa tu nous a appris tant de choses pendant ton vivant mais il y a une chose que tu as oubli� de nous apprendre, c'est comment vivre sans toi. Je prie pour toi tous les jours afin que le seigneur te garde aupr�s de lui. Mon papa ch�ri qui me manque tant que ton �me repose en paix et que la terre de nos anc�tres te soit l�g�re. Peace and love






Entry from 01-12-2019 at 14:17.
Anicet Anougue from Dschang

PAPA ALEGUE, j'ai pas eu la chance de te connaitre, mais j'ai entendu parler de toi et il n'en ressortait que des bonnes impr�ssions. aujoudhuit jai trouv� une place dans ta famille a travers ton fils JEAN DUCLO. au regart du comportement de tes enfants, on ne peut que dire WAOUU pour leducation que tu les as offert.puisse le Seigneur prendre soit de toi et taccorder misericorde pour les erreurs que tu aurais commises pendant ton existance. QUE TON AME REPOSE EN PAIX.

Entry from 05-20-2010 at 15:28.

karim nana from yaound�

beaucoup de courage � mon pote eric ainsi qu\'� toute la famille alegue

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Entry from 11-01-2009 at 11:32.
Elsy Moukoury from Douala

Mes condol�ances � toute la famille Alegue et � toi Eric saches que de l� haut ton papa il veille sur toi et sur les autres,continue de prier tous les jours pour que son �me repose en paix...


Entry from 10-26-2009 at 15:24.
asogbo from atlanta

just came accross this condolence book to be informed that my friend alegue bartholomew passed away,he was my best friend at ABU ZARIA in NIGERIA,very calm and composed,we used to discuss about our various family members, i knew about his father who was a diabetic patient and brothers and sisters joseph , guilbert and also marie solange who was working by then with world wild foundation(wwf) in yokadouma, please i would like to know more about the circumstances of his death and what really happened about my dearest friend bartholomew alegue, i'm so sad .could anyone help me by replying me trough my email asogbonapoleon(at)yahoo(dot)fr .would so much be glad to hear about that. may his soul rest in perfect peace napoleon

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Entry from 09-18-2008 at 19:26.
Boniface Ndemping We... from Brooklyn,New York

It saddens me to learn of the death of your father-Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephne Alelgue way back in 2001.I did know your father given our common and shared Dschang heritage as well our family friendship in Bamenda and Mamfe.I also have fond memories of attending mass in mamfe with this God fearing man who instilled great values, respect and character in his kids and friends alike.I hope he is praying for us in heaven and may his soul rest in perfect peace !





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