Before the bereavement :

It is advisable to make thoughts on a death too early as too late. It can be your own, or that one of your companion – who so ever!
E.g. there are stewards to buy (or similar – „my personal precaution“ see library in Internet)!, which contains useful tips, what has to be done immediately, what kind of authority walks line up or what one has to take into account for his/her will. One should prepare a list on time carrying all what is to be done.

It wouldn’t be as well erroneous to do a list with persons, who shall be informed after the death? Of course with an address or at least tel. no. If the emergency then has arrived, one has a valuable help! Much must be done by the many tasks which wait for one and, if one has dealt with this topic before or asked perhaps in a piety, one isn’t killed!

The day of the death will come, all the more sensible it is to prepare for it relevantly. Many books as well offer services, to get around an insight into the soul situation of a person affected advise.

The bereavement :

The time has now come where most people hope never to experience! Perhaps one has already made thoughts to himself before what has to be done, the case would occur once but it is ready now. It is just important in this hard time to have an understanding companion or good friend. Perhaps it is not impossible but very heavy to get alone with the death of a dear person ready.

Who leaves everything to a piety, for example must considerably ask after the total costs of the invoice because the day the invoice comes could be another more unpleasant day! Who would like to take care of everything should have a strong character. Ask a friend/acquaintance who perhaps was already in this situation.

One will have a good look at the dead man at least for the next weeks or months, caused by the situation! Perhaps one has never thought so intensively about this person like now. Perhaps one comes to the knowledge of having missed important things; Topics which have never been discussed or very easy to have shown gratitude!

Many people will surely be so because nobody is really perfect. Many philosophers have written about death and some keep true words under this; but it remains for every one to make his/her own experiences in the long run. Death is unavoidable, hard, and sad as well as this one remains the last station in the life of a man…


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