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Here is a platform where persons affected by deceased people find a dignified place which represents the dead bodies with an individual side. One »obituary notice« is to reach this one for the Internet worldwide, though and is present for ever.

Many people don’t have the time to find deceased people who perhaps lie in another town. More and more people now have internet access. Within less seconds one can visit this virtual paradise – cemetery and find the deceased just as easily …

You can HERE Register for free and instantly have several services available:

– Create a memorial with photos and video

– Post a classified ad

– Submit a Review

Here is a photo of how your members will look like:


You take no risk, but have a professional service available, what other service providers often demand a lot of money.

By registering, you can modify or delete your obituary any time, just as in an article for this website. This platform is available in German and English and for technical reasons it is sometimes mixed, thanks for your understanding.

Enjoy the NEW paradise-cemetery . . .{:}

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